When Ocean Meets Sky


                                   - to Kianna

Ocean and sky align themselves 

at the horizon. 

No hesitance, 

no compromise 

or reluctance. 

People say, the sky is high, 

and hard to reach. 

But she has neither height nor form, 

not to mention of limitation or constraint. 

Transparent is her body, 

because she wants you to see through her heart. 

You don’t need to reach it; 

It’s there, 

and not there. 

People say, the ocean is deep, 

and hard to dive. 

But he is simply vast and dark 

with no shape or edge. 

Iciness defines his mysteriousness. 

Transparent is his skeleton. 

Because he wants you to read from the very bottom of his heart. 

It’s there. 

Physically there. 


with his unconditional generosity. 

I am the ocean, 

and you are the sky. 

People believed 

ocean and sky can never be together. 

Sky divides the sea below and 

ocean separates the universe above. 

Ocean has its own blue 

sky has another blue. 

They are essentially different. 

But — 

to me 

they are of the same kind. 

Blue is the sky, 

Blue is the ocean. 

Beyond any deliberate plan, 

sky and ocean do meet. 

Like we do… 

Ocean kisses sky because they’re in love. 

I kiss you because we’re destined to be together. 

Ocean meets sky at the horizon — 

form a single line. 

I meet you in this universe — 

find an unwavering heart.