Joe Wang

fell in love with film photography at the age of 8 when he saw his parents' Polaroid.

Though, digital age has made photography so simple and accessible to everyone, Joe prefers to capture moments on film. His Pentax 76II camera and Kodak Portra 400 film (or Fuji pro) help him discovering the unnoticeable arts all around us. Joe's work was inspired by the Japanese photographer Hideaki Hamada | 濱田英明 and German photographer Matthias Heiderich and they still have huge influence on his photography.

Joe also enjoys recording life with Fujifilm Instax. And he is delighted to share the joy of fine art film photography with everyone while posting his most recent work on Instagram. 

Aspires to astronomy and physics, Joe dreams of becoming a great astronomer and creating a better world for human. If you find him looking lost, he is probably struggling with the "never-solvable" grand unified theory left by Albert Einstein. 

Joe is an Apple geek, he spent most of his time checking Apple news or products and watch every videos about Steve Jobs. He hopes to work for Apple one day.

Born in Yantai, China and now lives in Vancouver, Canada with his girlfriend Kianna.

王 正




熱愛攝影的他懼怕膠捲即將消失的那一天。他認為膠捲是捕捉精彩瞬間的最好工具 - 它的自然風格,無輿論比的色彩,舒適的光影都是任何科技無法取代的。正用他的Pentax 76II相機及Kodak Portra 400 或 Fujifilm 專業膠捲記錄著風景和生活的精彩瞬間。當然,他也是富士拍立得相機的粉絲。


Film is irreplaceable. Film is timeless. Film never die.